Architectural platform for networked web applications

REST API is an architectural style for networked applications on the web. It is limited to client-server based applications. REST API is a set of rules or guidelines to build a web API. Trioangle’s API team takes care of building their projects with the help of REST API in an efficient way.

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What is REST API and how beneficial has it become?

REST is an acronym for REpresentational State Transfer. REST is an architecture style for designing networked applications. REST is a lightweight alternative to mechanisms like RPC (remote procedure calls)

How beneficial has REST API become?

  • REST is the most logical, efficient and widespread standard in the creation of APIs for Internet services.
  • REST is any interface between systems using HTTP to obtain data and generate operations on those data in all possible formats, such as XML and JSON. This is an increasingly popular alternative to other standard data exchange protocols such as SOAP
  • Due to its great features, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other identification systems generate business thanks to REST and REST APIs.

Resilient Rest’s features

  • Client and server separation

    The REST protocol totally separates the user interface from the server and the data storage. This improves the portability of the interface to other types of platforms, it increases the scalability of the projects, and allows components to be evolved independently.

  • Great visibility

    The separation between client and server has one evident advantage, and that is that each development team can scale the product without too much problem.

  • Highly reliable

    They can migrate to other servers or make all kinds of changes in the database, provided the data from each request is sent correctly.

  • Flexible enough

    The client and server separation makes it easier to have the front and the back on different servers, and this makes the apps more flexible to work with.

  • Independent of platforms

    The REST API adapts to the type of syntax or platforms being used, which gives considerable freedom when changing or testing new environments within the development. With a REST API you can have PHP, Java, Python or Node.js servers. Only that the language used for the information exchange is normally XML or JSON.

Why hire REST API developers from Trioangle?

We are the top most REST API development companies among the industry. We build cloud based back end solutions and connect your customers from anywhere in the world to your business with the help of REST API.

  • Independant Applications

    At Trioangle, we believe that microservices are great modules to work with which treats each module of the business to be an independent application thus increasing the significance. Build your business solutions through microservices and identify the key performance indicators(KPI).

  • Popular API

    REST API is the popular API framework which helps the users to connect with the business applications from anywhere in the world. It is used for development of modern web applications faster and securely.

  • Multiple services

    Multiple services are offered for REST API development from our team. They are, private API development services, public API development services, API architectural design services, and API integration services.

REST API Service Suite

We offer full-stack, ad hoc and fixed period based REST API development services for building up web applications

  • Ad hoc services

    Ad hoc services refer to part-time offers and support services where the services are done only for the assigned time usually 40 - 100 man-hours per month. The costing and time management is based on the client. Ad hoc services can be useful for short term engagements.

  • Full-stack services

    The Trioangle developers work full time and offer the necessary support in respect with the REST API development. This option is suitable for long term engagements.

  • Fixed period services

    When you have the drafted and complete plan for your project, we would be more than happy to discuss and take up the entire project with a fixed price and time. This option is useful for developing entrepreneur level businesses.

The Development Workflow

  • 1

    Obtain the customer requirements

    The necessary requirements from the customer are obtained and understood clearly for the purpose of development.

  • 2

    Follow a similar coding style

    We always make sure to follow up with the technology and hence we ensure the coding style is just the AngularJS way. A deviated code can result in hassle and make modifications difficult while updating the application.

  • 3

    Check the performance of the code

    Once the code is done, we keep up with the performance check through various testing functions and security checks.

  • 4

    Build the process

    Finally, when all the clutters are cleared, the process is built. The entire project as assigned is built according to the time frame given.

  • 5

    Cross-check with the client

    A performance cross-checking is done with the client and only when it is approved, the next step proceeds as our priority is our client’s satisfaction.

  • 6

    Deliver the project

    The last but not the least is where we deliver our successful team work output to the client within the agreed time frame.

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