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Inaugurate your online classified business with us to promote your business profile.

Best online classified software to establish your webstore

  • Multi-Vendor Script

    The most accomplished business model for the multiple vendors can sell their collection of used or new products are exhibited in various categories with excellent mobile apps.

  • Single Vendor Script

    To enhance the secure business frame, a vendor can sell their products or single categorized products with good drafted software.

  • Small / Large Enterprises

    Every entrepreneur to have an elite sets of requirements to spring their business. We customized apps for you to startup or an enterprise your company with well- structured it.

Prominent features in the online classified script

The immense and delighted user-friendly features should reassure the customer with the online classified script. Some of the effective features are enlisted below for every classified business visioners to have elevated start.

Multiple SignUp Registration

Multiple log-in like Email, Facebook will drag the numerous user to use frequently your apps, so incorporating this feature your business make a high impact on it.

Advanced Search And Filter

From the heap of products, the user can be traced with the help of filter option such as price, distance, date, duration. So users can effortlessly surf the products without any mess to use your web apps.

Multiple Product Category

The similar products are combined in a group with these multiple category options such as cars, home, fashion and many more. This feature helps the user to explore the product accurately.

Message Support

The user can chat initiate to the dealer to show their interest in the products and the most wanted feature for the user to have friendly deals with the message support.

Add Favourites

When the user requires more attraction in the products is enlisted to buy in a future choice. For that most suitable options to add the beloved products to buy when they are in need.

Verified Vendors

One of the most trustable options of the user to have health buy and sell the products. The user can able to check out the all the profile are created in your website by using Gmail or Facebook.

Multiple Language & Currency

Globally the multi-user can optimize your website for that multiple languages and currency option enhance friendly to surfs with the products effectively.

Social Media Sharing

To generate high traffic to the site for that one of the liberty to share the products in social media. The most prominence ways to increase the selling for the user to have a benefit from these options.

Multiple SignUp Registration

Multiple sellers can frequently use your apps with this multi sign-up features like Email, a Facebook form that your business make a high impact on it.

Product Category

Product category helps the buyer to explore the product accurately when the seller can be combined similar products in a group with these multiple category options such as cars, home, fashion and many more.

Message Support

After the chat from the buyer, the seller can deal their product through this most requested message support. The user-friendly features make your profile greater.

Verified users

The seller can check out the all the buyer profile are created in your website by using Gmail or Facebook. The most reliable for the seller to have health shopping for their products.

Multiple Language & Currency

Multiple languages & currency option can enhance your website for the seller to surfs all around the world to sell their products to the buyer effectively.

Image Uploads

Design and elegant post can attract the consumer to buy the merchant products. This feature brighten-up the merchant to use frequently your website. The merchant can upload many times as their wish.

Rating and Reviews

The rating and reviews may increase sales and boosting the quality products of the seller. One of the best features, the sellers can improve their status with the buyer favorite products.

Multiple Products Management

Products management options are best for the seller, they can post their products and also they can manage according to the products categories such as electronics, furniture and many more. The most wanted feature for the seller, it’s one upgrade to lift up your classified business.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The performance of the user can be easily monitored and accessed through the dashboard. From the smart and elegant dashboard, you can able to audit the overview of the business.

Admin Management

The utter management of multiple admins through this single panel. By splitting the roles and permissions to sub-admins.

User Management

One of the most elegant way to uplift your business-profile by the user management options. The accumulation of the user activity can be managed within this panel.

Manage Products

The products detail are managed finely with the well-structured system, that benefits in the enrichment of the business.

Currency Management

Various location planned for the business, you can able to preferred currency from the list. It will the best way for the shoppers regarding payments.

Generated Reports

An admin can generate explicitly report of the users, vendors and products can view details on the daily, weekly or on monthly basis.

Review Management

The review of the vendors and products can easily be managed and viewed efficiently through this panel.

Category Management

Enhance your business, managing the listed products in categories and subcategories that are through this single panel.

How Do We Work?

  • 1

    Requirement Gathering

    Before working on the project we used to gather all the core requirements to comprise within the app so that we could work to satisfy your business needs.

  • 2

    Requirement Analysis

    After collecting the vital information, the research regarding the requirements and the process is analysed completely by our experts to find a better solution for our clients business.

  • 3


    We work progressively with effective team members and exploit the recent technology and develop the script in an effective way which completely fits for your business.

  • 4


    Before delivering the project we do complete quality checking for the work we have done with a team of QA experts.

  • 5

    On-Time Delivery

    Our experts will work to deliver the project on time as we promised. With prompt delivery, we help your business.

Using Right Technology Stack

  • Trioangle php 7.1
  • Trioangle angular js
  • Trioangle laravel 5.3
  • Trioangle HTML5
  • Trioangle CSS3
  • Trioangle android
  • Trioangle iOS

How Much Does It Cost?

With the most prominent technologies, we flourish a smart and customized online classified script from startups to enterprise companies. To know the specific cost, features, and functionalities of classified app solution for users, merchants and admin gets in-touch for a rapid chat.

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