JavaScript stack for creating full stack complex web applications

The technology stack is a set of frameworks and tools used to develop a software product. This set of frameworks and tools are very specifically chosen to work together in creating a well-functioning software. Trioangle has generated high end developers in many programming languages and this gives the reason for good services delivered in full stack applications with the help of full stack developers.

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What is MEAN stack and how is it implemented?

MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. Each of these components has a particular use.

The compositions of MEAN stack:

  • MongoDB: Is a schemaless NoSQL database system. MongoDB saves data in binary JSON format, which makes it easier to pass data between client and server.
  • Express.js: Is a web application framework for Node.js. It enables you to build server applications in Node.js and is a backend application that connects the ​front-end and databases.
  • AngularJS: ​Is the frontend technology in the stack. It is a JavaScript framework that controls the behavior of ​different elements that are displayed on web pages.
  • Node.js: Is the JavaScript runtime environment; it is used to run JavaScript on a machine rather than in a browser.

How is MEAN stack implemented?

  • MongoDB for storage

    In the MEAN stack, MongoDB stores the application’s data. Because both the application and the database use JavaScript, there’s no need to translate the object as it journeys from the application to the database and back. The application can push and pull objects between the back end and the database without missing a beat.

  • Express as Back-end

    Forming the backend of the MEAN stack, Express handles all the interactions between the frontend and the database, ensuring a smooth transfer of data to the end user. It’s designed to be used with Node.js and so continues the consistent use of JavaScript throughout the stack.

  • AngularJS as Front-end

    The MEAN stack includes AngularJS to help developers build the user-facing side of the application. Because the backend, frontend and database are all built on JavaScript, there’s a smooth flow of information between all parts of your application.

  • Node.js as backbone

    Node.js is the backbone of the MEAN stack. Express is purpose-built to work on top of Node.js, and AngularJS connects seamlessly to Node.js for fast data serving. Node.js comes complete with an integrated web server, making it easy to deploy your MongoDB database and application to the cloud.

Why hire MEAN developers from Trioangle?

We are enhancing mobile and web application development through the MEAN technicalities. Hire our MEAN developers to build your next modern & competitive web application.

  • Efficient combo

    The MEAN has an efficient combination of technologies MongoDB, Express JS, AngularJS and Node.js which offers a complete web based solutions for various applications.

  • Latest updates

    Our technical team is well known to regularly update the technologies according to the current trends and hence, the client can expect well built modern softwares in various business fields.

  • Out of box solutions

    Staying unique and building out of box solution is where the technical team’s efficacy is shown. We at Trioangle have taken this up seriously and deliver the out of box services to the clientele.

MEAN Stack Service Suite

We offer full-stack, ad hoc and fixed period based Mean stack development services for building up web applications

  • Ad hoc services

    Ad hoc services refer to part-time offers and support services where the services are done only for the assigned time usually 40 - 100 man-hours per month. The costing and time management is based on the client. Ad hoc services can be useful for short term engagements.

  • Full-stack services

    The Trioangle developers work full time and offer the necessary support in respect with the Mean stack development. This option is suitable for long term engagements.

  • Fixed period services

    When you have the drafted and complete plan for your project, we would be more than happy to discuss and take up the entire project with a fixed price and time. This option is useful for developing entrepreneur level businesses.

The Development Workflow

  • 1

    Obtain the customer requirements

    The necessary requirements from the customer are obtained and understood clearly for the purpose of development.

  • 2

    Follow a similar coding style

    We always make sure to follow up with the technology and hence we ensure the coding style is just the MEAN stack way. It is important to follow up the similarity in the coding style. A deviated code can result in hassle and make modifications difficult.

  • 3

    Check the performance of the code

    Once the code is done, we keep up with the performance check through various testing functions and security checks.

  • 4

    Build the process

    Finally, when all the clutters are cleared, the process is built. The entire project as assigned is built according to the time frame given.

  • 5

    Cross-check with the client

    A performance cross-checking is done with the client and only when it is approved, the next step proceeds as our priority is our client’s satisfaction.

  • 6

    Deliver the project

    The last but not the least is where we deliver our successful team work output to the client within the agreed time frame.

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