JavaScript - The backbone of modern web development

JavaScript is the most popular language on the job market today. JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks are the most utilized scripting technology backbone for modern web development.

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What is JavaScript and how important is it for web development?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language used for both client-side and server-side coding which adds behaviour to the coding and allows you to make web pages interactive. From the current statistics, it is said that 94.5% of the web applications are developed under JavaScript.

Reasons why JavaScript has turned to be the backbone of modern web development:

  • As a client-side programming language, JavaScript helps web developers to make web pages dynamic and interactive by implementing custom client-side scripts.
  • Create stunning web pages using the combination of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 across various platforms.
  • There are multiple cross platform runtime environments like Node.js, React to use for server side code.

How important is JavaScript for modern web applications?

  • Implements Client-Side Scripting

    Web developers can use JavaScript in custom client side scripting to make the web pages interactive, respond to users instantaneously, and create richer user interfaces, without less server interaction and reduces server load.

  • Write Server-Side Code

    Runtime cross platforms like Node.js allow easy server side scripting. It further executes the JavaScript code efficiently through Google V8 JavaScript engine. The built-in libraries provided by Node.js allow programmers to run their web applications smoothly without relying on external web servers.

  • Simplifies Complex Web Application Development

    Despite being an interpreted programming language, JavaScript simplifies development of complex web applications by allowing the use of libraries to create shadow DOM boundaries.The shadow DOM further makes web browsers deliver documents with widely used HTML tags.

  • Varying Libraries and Frameworks

    The fully-featured JavaScript libraries like AngularJS and Ember enable JavaScript web developers to add functionality to complex web applications whereas lightweight JavaScript libraries like React make it easier for programmers to accomplish specific tasks.

  • Keeps Evolving

    The latest version of JavaScript simplifies modern web application development by providing several new classes, modules, module loaders, generators and symbols, along with Unicode support and reflect API. Newer versions come up with newer and easier inclusions for web developers.

Why hire JavaScript developers from Trioangle?

We are one of the best web and mobile application development companies with an experience of 4+ years and 100+ technical and marketing geeks. Hire Javascript developers from Trioangle for your complete web development stack to make a step forward in your business growth.

  • Javascript experts

    We have a bunch of technical javascript experts to build and create a complete web based solution with the latest versions and popular frameworks like AngularJS, Vue.js, Node.js, React.js and much more.

  • Complete solution

    Javascript framework is implemented for both front end and back end development and hence known as a web development stack which serves to be a complete business solution and hence saves up time. Our javascript coders take the exclusive trends to deliver best business solutions.

  • Simplifies development

    Javascript keeps evolving into new versions regularly by adding several new classes, modules, module loaders, generators, symbols and much more. These newer additions make the development easy and hence a business solution can be built more better than before.

The JavaScript Service Packages we provide

We offer full-stack, ad hoc and fixed period based JavaScript development services for building up web applications

  • Ad hoc services

    Ad hoc services refer to part-time offers and support services where the services are done only for the assigned time usually 40 - 100 man-hours per month. The costing and time management is based on the client. Ad hoc services can be useful for short term engagements.

  • Full-stack services

    The Trioangle’s JavaScript developers work full time and offer the necessary support in respect with the JavaScript whole web application development. This option is suitable for long term engagements and it includes more than 160 man hours.

  • Fixed period services

    When you have the drafted and complete plan for your project, we would be more than happy to discuss and take up the entire project with a fixed price and time. This option is useful for developing small to high-level projects.

The JavaScript Web Development Workflow

  • 1

    Obtain the customer requirements

    The necessary requirements from the customer are obtained and understood clearly for the purpose of development.

  • 2

    Follow a similar coding style

    We always make sure to follow up with the technology and hence we ensure the coding style is just the AngularJS way. A deviated code can result in hassle and make modifications difficult while updating the application.

  • 3

    Check the performance of the code

    Once the code is done, we keep up with the performance check through various testing functions and security checks.

  • 4

    Build the process

    Finally, when all the clutters are cleared, the process is built. The entire project as assigned is built according to the time frame given.

  • 5

    Cross-check with the client

    A performance cross-checking is done with the client and only when it is approved, the next step proceeds as our priority is our client’s satisfaction.

  • 6

    Deliver the project

    The last but not the least is where we deliver our successful team work output to the client within the agreed time frame.

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