Well simulated iPad Design Services for both UI and UX Designs

Trioangle team of designers put together technology, current trends and innovation to build iOS app material designs. The iPad materials designs are built for both UI and UX.

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How important is iPad mobile app design?

The iPad mobile app material design elements are as important as iPad app development as the design part of an application is the first communication to the end users and the clients.

What are the services offered at Trioangle for iPad design services?

  • Only UI design: User interface design is the actual front end design. These services are provided by our designers team to create a top notch product in the industry.
  • Only UX design: UX design services at Trioangle provide the process the design teams use to create products. The UX services alone are provided for the clients based on their requirements.
  • UI/UX design bundle: Here both the services are put together, where the UX design process goes first and UI design process goes next.

What can you obtain from our UI/UX iPad services?

  • Well tailored and competitive design

    We tailor perfect iPad design UI and iPad design UX by making use of design materials and elements. The iPad app design is built according to the current trends and cutting edge technology to stand unique among the competitors.

  • Meets customer service and marketing needs

    Our design team makes sure to deliver design according to current marketing trends and the iPad app designs are made sure to follow the strong marketing and user friendly strategies. We also take care of the customer’s needs while keeping up the trend in the design.

  • Picked perfect wireframes

    Before an iPad UI or UX design starts, the perfect wire frames which are both user friendly and responsive are produced to the client for reference.

  • Pre design samples

    As well known, Trioangle believes in their customer satisfaction. Hence, we take up the lead to deliver pre design samples to the client for their reference and understanding of our workflow. When the client is satisfied with the samples, the actual iPad material design is done.

  • Responsive designs

    Responsive design frames are the designs mostly approved and appreciated by the giant technology Apple. Being a mobile application development company, we keep up to the iPad mobile friendly trends and make extra efforts by adding GIFs, vector graphics, and motion images.

Why hire iPad app designers from Trioangle?

Hire iOS designers from Trioangle for your next iOS mobile application who are capable of delivering exclusive design solutions both in the front end and back end for various iOS business components.

  • Optimized Mobile Design

    Just the look of the design is not important for a good mobile app. A mobile design should meet its marketing needs with great user interface and user experience. At Trioangle, we exactly work for delivering best optimized and responsive iOS app designs for any business solutions.

  • Responsive UI & UX

    UI & UX is equally significant to development for building great customer engagement from iOS mobiles. A wrong type of design not only creates an unattractive appearance but also drives away business. Hence, we believe in creating exclusive UI UX for various types of iOS based solutions.

  • Promise Of Loyalty

    Poor iOS mobile app designs can lead the customers to connect the designs and business in a wrong way. Hence, we keep it at its best to increase the trust and confidence among the client - company relationship by creating optimized iOS UI / UX design for your business solutions.

Our Designer Packages

We offer full-stack, ad hoc and fixed period based Designer services.

  • Ad hoc services

    Ad hoc design services refer to part-time offers and support services where the services are done only for the assigned time usually 40 - 100 man-hours per month. The costing and time management is based on the client. Ad hoc design services can be useful for short term engagements.

  • Full-stack services

    The Trioangle’s designers work full time and offer the necessary support in respect of building responsive mobile applications. This option is suitable for long term engagements and usually counts more than 160 man hours.

  • Fixed period services

    When you have the drafted and complete plan for your project, we would be more than happy to discuss and take up the entire project with a fixed price and time. This option is useful for developing small to high-level projects and E-commerce stores.

What are steps in iPad UI/UX design flow?

  • 1

    iPad / iOS app design research insights

    This step is implemented to understand the current insights and impact of the insights in the UI/UX design flow which enables user-centricity and responsive design making. At this stage our team creates the UI/ UX themes.

  • 2

    Information architecture to wireframes

    The information architecture serves as a backbone of the product and provides the navigational flow. Once the information architecture is approved by the client, our design team starts building the wireframes. Wireframes almost produce the look of the product or they give a hint of what the product will look like.

  • 3

    UI/UX flow and prototype

    The UI/UX flows make it easy for the team to understand the complexities like multiple users, scenarios and touchpoints. A rapid prototype is built for obtaining feedback from the internal team and the client.

  • 4

    Building the design

    Creating or building up the design for an iOS application is a collaborative effort put together by the team for the output. At this stage, the developers make use of many of their component libraries present in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, etc according to the build.

  • 5

    User interface design with extras

    The crucial step in the design process is the user interface design for the iOS app which is the final output that is presentable to the client and end user. Additional features like GIFs, motion designs, vector graphics etc can bring in a huge impact on the user experience.

  • 6

    Test, improvise and produce

    To make your product user centric, more number of user tests can help. This is usually done by setting up a sprint with the testing team and research team / BA team, this method helps in capturing the user insights which is later improvised and finally the end iOS app design is produced to the client.

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